About Us

Who we are

Missionware was founded by a small team of highly skilled professionals to provide customized solutions for Mission Critical Systems as well as provide a robust framework to integrators and application developers that want to build their own specialized system.

Composed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, Missionware is able to design solutions in a holistic and more efficient way. Each member contribution is valuable, providing unique perspective in understanding all aspects of a problem thus providing the best solution.

We are always motivated to evolve our products, as we constantly discover that even though there is a plethora of products in the market, still, a lot of mission critical system users are forced to work with applications that cannot adapt to complex operational requirements.

Our goal is to provide to our clients continuous support and evolution, implementing those distinctive new features that actually make the difference in mission critical applications.

What we do

Based on our unique distributed operational software platform, ODOS we are able to provide integrated solutions tailor made for our client domain, while adhering to demanding system specifications.

Our basic principle is that good products come when innovation and experience meets standards.

To achieve innovation, we constantly invest on research and training; preemptively follow standard’s evolution, while using experience to select and integrate robust 3rd party products from value – adding partners.