ODOS is now NET Standard compatible

We have reached to an important milestone. ODOS is now Net Standard compatible. This was a long migration journey, “fighting” with .NET Framework and WinForms dependencies. Now ODOS platform is almost ready to be used with any flavor of .NET (Framework, Core, Mono, Xamarin, UWP, Unity and eventually Blazor). In the same time this means being in line with the upcoming .NET 5 that is already in preview state. It also means easier support for various GUI Frameworks, like Xamarin Forms, UWP and WPF.  We already have experimental support for the cross-platform XAML based Avalonia GUI Framework that is reaching a stable state. 

As ODOS is a highly multithreaded platform, to support a new GUI Framework mostly means to be able to correctly apply server side changes for objects that are owned by the GUI thread as well as build some default components. Our major task now is to have stable support for Xamarin Forms that will enable rapid and robust mobile application development and later on one by one to have stable support for all .NET GUI Frameworks out there.

With ODOS the major advantage someone gets is that with a single unified technology someone can build distributed applications with advanced capabilities across all kind of targets and platforms, Cloud, Mobile, Desktop, Edge and Web. From multiservice backends that run on cloud or on-premise, to native apps using Xamarin, to edge devices like Raspberry Pi, to cross-platform desktop clients and soon client-side web apps on top of WebAssembly and Blazor. And mostly, have the same capabilities on all these targets; real time synchronization out-of-the-box without writing any communication code, live collections, change tracking, granular reactive events for every single field change, enterprise access control, code-first data scheme, easy gateway building. With ODOS someone can achieve cost reduction as there is no need for multiple highly skilled teams mastering a bunch of unrelated technologies and frameworks.

The last months we were able to confirm also that ODOS supports, in addition to SQL Server and PosgeSQL, its first Cloud Database, Azure SQL Database.

So, stay tuned (and always keep safe) as we will soon reach to a beta release.  Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need early access.

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