ODOS .NET platform runs on Linux under Mono

We are pleased to announce that our powerful .NET development platform, ODOS, now runs on Linux under Mono. After less than a month of hard work, ODOS now supports Linux under the Mono runtime. It is a great step towards a truly universal .NET platform for enterprise grade applications. Our main focus now is to continue porting our codebase to net core/standard that will enable ODOS to run everywhere! We are also targeting an official public release till the end of the year.

As ODOS is very lightweight, in terms of memory and CPU, running under Mono leads to full support for Raspberry Pi and other small SBCs. So smart edge applications with enterprise capabilities can become a breeze using ODOS.

To move to this direction we managed to make the platform more pluggable and flexible. Especially we abstracted a lot the security subsystem and now we can support various authentication methods as well as authorization stores with minimal configuration in a uniform way. ODOS supports Active Directory and other LDAP systems (using the Novell.Ldap library), Windows SAM, Linux PAM, Identity Server as well as an internal security store. 

We still have some dependencies in few .NET framework only namespaces, such as AppDomain, as well as in Windows Forms library. We are moving forward to abstract them too. 

Stay tuned! 

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