IoT & Industrial Middleware

Human Machine Interoperation

EORON is a high-end middleware for building IoT and Industrial applications that goes beyond data collection and targets complete integrated solutions.

EORON is an ODOS based system that provides among others deep system integration, synthetic business rules, unified alarm handling, complete situation awareness and collaborative operations at all levels of an organization. Executives and managers can have business insights and real time or historical data analysis dashboards. Control center operators can have complete visibility of the facility and its operations. Field workers get rich data interfaces and remote guidance to support connected operations.

EORON can be used for:

  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Infrastructures
  • Smart Cities
  • Command & Control
  • Industrial Command Centers
  • Customized IoT & Edge Solutions
  • Device monitoring
  • Smart sensors


Data and video feed ingestion

Seamlessly fuse data from sensors, devices and video using standard protocols (OPC, SNMP, Modbus) or custom APIs.

3rd party system integration

Easily create gateways to any 3rd party system to create one or two way synchronization and synthetic business rules.

Things modelling​

Build a full fledged relational object model of your things and components and leverage advanced data fusion.

Spatial aware

Use location based sensors and GIS data to create spatial-aware rules and map visualizations.

Unified alarm handling

Unify alarms from machines and third party system in a single place and have complete situation awareness.

Advanced visualizations

Create dashboards and dynamic applications using live diagrammatic shapes and pages, animations, charts or even 3D models in virtual worlds.

Connected operations

Enable collaboration between operators using common operational views, gather easily rich and valuable information from field workers.

Command center tools

Fully integrated video wall management platform, DisplayCommander, and enhanced decision support tools for supervisors and executives.

Command & control

Manage remote teams or field workers using structured commanding interfaces, track their actions and progress, improve efficiency and decrease incident response time.

Data analytics

Transform data into insight via intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that enable complex analytics capabilities for nonexpert users.