Intuitive PSIM for Holistic Physical Security Management

High end detection and reaction to security incidents

Is2Aware can integrate and command physical security technologies, such as CCTV, Video Management, Video Analytics, Radars, Perimeter & Building Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control, Positioning Systems (e.g. GPS, AIS) and more

Ιs2Aware is a Command & Control PSIM (Physical Security Information Management System) based on ODOS and EORON platforms. It provides sophisticated Situation Awareness and unique integration capabilities. By aggregating intelligence from various sensors and field devices, organizations can react faster and more precisely to incidents. It is able to command and control Response Teams through a common operational spatial-aware environment.

Typical Architecture


Security System Integration

Integrating various different indoor and outdoor security systems can become a nightmare, unless you use a robust platform and consistent information models. Our well proven data acquisition and dissemination platform, combined with a well structured information model for intrusion detection and access control, is the way to move forward. We can build on top of legacy Security Information Systems and Building Management Systems and unify their alarm management systems without intervening in their operation or data stores.

Reaction Support System

Reaction to incidents is the final step of a critical infrastructure protection system. We provide a customizable module for tailor made “Emergency Team Collaboration and Commanding”. Through advanced handheld subsystem and GPS tracking the operators can guide emergency response teams towards incidents. Additionally the system supports bidirectional streaming of video, as well as reports and message exchanging.

Network of Cameras Commanding

Using a large number of cameras that span a large area or critical infrastructure can be cumbersome. Is2Aware provides advanced spatial tools to operate a large number of cameras, fixed or PTZ, integrated into a map based collaborative interface. The cameras field of views are continuously updated to depict the real field of view of the cameras and the operator can move a PTZ camera based on map coordinates and symbols. In case spatial sensors (Radar, GPS) are integrated the cameras can automatically follow targets and tracks.

Utility System Monitoring

IS2Aware is able to monitor every subsystem that supports the main scope, which is the security and safety of the infrastructure. In this direction we monitor the IT and communication subsystems through industry standard SNMP protocol, because failures in those systems will disturb or even interrupt the normal operation of the main system. We can even integrate monitoring of the power supply and distribution network, if it is available, and identify related problems.

GIS Enabled Surveillance and Monitoring

Having a geographical and topological orientation of the infrastructure is a crucial part of our object model approach. Operators have a wealth of associated topological information in order to guide and command the reaction teams. In a similar way, maintenance teams have an easy and immediate way to discover any faulty subsystem in order to maintain a healthy and highly available system.